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Identifying and implementing strategies to make the most of every customer engagement

In order to obtain maximum efficiencies in your customer engagement strategy, it is beneficial to conduct a step-by-step process analysis which maps each touch point with customers. eStrategy3’s comprehensive approach to contact center evaluation provides varied perspectives and insight into best practices to improve your contact center’s performance, productivity and quality. This type of strategic  evaluation considers the channels utilized, the type of customer interaction that occurs and the path the customer must take to get ultimate resolution and satisfaction.

Through this analysis, eStrategy3 will identify opportunities for enhanced communication with your customers throughout their lifecycle with your company as well as potential cost savings through possible refinements such as:

  • Streamlining processes
  • Establishing clear responsibilities among personnel
  • Establishing and effectively communicating goals and call center metrics
  • Eliminating duplication of effort among individuals and/or departments
  • Eliminating outdated processes and unnecessary tasks
  • Leveraging technology and automation to optimize productivity and augment the customer experience

We approach each assessment with a fresh perspective supported by a wealth of contact center expertise.