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Group of Business People


People are the key to success in any organization. Ours is no exception. We value our partnerships with our clients and outsource contact centers above all else, and eStrategy3’s managing partners are committed to making a direct impact on each clients’ initiatives. Thus, we are directly involved in each of our relationships – strategizing, communicating, and managing to ensure each client’s success and satisfaction.

Sid Scott:


Sid is a dynamic leader with broad-based experience in contact center operations, strategic planning, marketing, and business development. He possesses diverse expertise in consumer products, banking, insurance, pharma, retail, telecommunications, and customer service.


An independent mind with innate analytical abilities and vision to see the big picture while being able to manage the implementation and deliver the end result. Exceptional interpersonal, communication, organizational and leadership skills; recognized for the ability to influence, build, inspire, motivate and direct high performance teams.


  • Strategic Marketing Plan Development
  • Project Management, Planning and Implementation
  • Business Re-engineering
  • Multi-site Operations Management
  • Turnaround & Change Management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Contact center selection (domestic, near shore, off shore)


Sandra Alexa: 


Sandra is a contact center expert with a proven track record for devising creative solutions utilizing industry best practices. 


A trusted strategic ally who takes a holistic approach to the contact center environment, acknowledging that the contact center is a critical component in the success and profitability of the overall organization. Committed to building long term partnerships and commended by clients and vendor partners alike for taking a hands-on approach. Surpasses expectations by delivering active and continuous process improvement in addition to sound strategic recommendations.


  • Developing impactful programs from strategic design to tactical implementation
  • Conducting comprehensive situational analyses and performance reviews
  • Applying an analytical and quantifiable approach to decrease cost and increase ROI
  • Establishing successful client/vendor relationships through a comprehensive technology and vendor selection process