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Leveraging our considerable expertise to do the things you would like to do but simply don't have the time or resources to accomplish. 

Project Management

There are many moving parts to any successful customer engagement.  Whether you need us to manage and coordinate the entire customer interaction strategy or want us to focus on key components of the project, we manage program details meticulously. We are adept at coordinating multi-faceted campaigns that include inbound, outbound, sales, CRM, customer service, web integration, DRTV advertising, social media, direct mail and much more.  Whatever type of program you are implementing, eStrategy3 has the expertise to deliver hands on expertise in the following areas to help you optimize the outcome of each customer engagement.   Learn more under Project Management

Quality Assurance & Monitoring

Monitoring calls and interactions is unquestionably a critical component to success. Effective quality monitoring is more than simply listening to calls to ensure compliance with the program parameters. If your call monitoring program doesn’t impact performance, you’re not getting your money’s worth.

We offer monitoring and auditing support as well as customized scorecard development services to ensure that you are measuring and driving the desired performance in your contact centers.  Whether we audit using your existing scorecard or create one for you from scratch, the resulting output provides great flexibility to analyze results by any criterion or combination thereof (e.g., by individual representative, shift, supervisor, trainer, call center, project, etc.).

Training & Staff Development 

It’s not a cliché; a call center’s human resources are unquestionably its most valuable asset. The time and energy invested in properly training and developing a call center staff – whether agents are providing continuous or project based call support - will be returned exponentially in the form of revenues and customer satisfaction.

eStrategy3 will work with your organization and any call center partners you have to ensure that  training is effective, tested and ongoing to provide you with the best representation possible.

Whether you require training curriculum development, actual on-site training, or both - we are there for you. 

Workforce Management 

In addition to the technological functionality needed to support customer interaction, workforce management is also a critical area of technology within a contact center. Strategic call center workforce management optimizes staffing levels and agent performance (and satisfaction) as well as minimizing costs while increasing customer satisfaction levels.


The script provides the tools and information necessary for the representative to be successful. Whether the application calls for strict script adherence or conversational use of a calling guide, eStrategy3 will provide scripting insight and suggestions.

Technology Assessment

eStrategy3 will assist you in your technology needs assessment and planning process to achieve an efficient, cost-effective technology solution that streamlines your internal processes and enhances your customers’ interaction with you.

Regulatory Support

For any organization – large or small - compliance with ever-increasing regulations is a significant concern. Non-compliance can mean costly fines and unhappy prospects. eStrategy3 has access to the best available compliance resources in the call center industry.