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Project Management

Taking your project from strategic design to tactical implementation.

We manage program details meticulously, taking your project from strategic design to tactical implementation.

A well-rounded customer contact solution may encompass inbound, outbound, sales, CRM, customer service, web integration, DRTV advertising, social media, direct mail and much more. Without the proper strategy, the choices can be overwhelming.

Project Implementation

Attending to every detail during implementation can eliminate time consuming and costly program changes down the road. eStrategy3 uses rigorous audits, thorough testing processes, proven forecasting tools and detailed time lines to ensure a smooth and successful program launch.

Call Center Management

eStrategy3 will develop a system of checks and balances to enhance the accountability of your contact center by working with them and overseeing activities on a day-to-day basis in a spirit of partnership to monitor, manage and enhance your customer engagements thought a hands-on management approach.

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and/or Change Management

eStrategy3 supports organization improvements and transitions, recognizing that a client’s environment, processes and organizational structure must work together effectively to achieve the organization’s mission. Orchestrating changes requires a combination of evaluation, strategic planning, performance measurement, leadership development, analysis of resources and allocation and transitional process management in order to be effective. eStrategy3 has the expertise and project management skills to ease the transition from your company’s existing scenario to a more efficient and profitable functionality.

Contact Center Benchmarking

Whether you are being compared against internal standards, competing agencies or industry standards, call center benchmarking is a discovery process that provides information on how you can improve customer service call center practices. Through internal and external studies that are an integral part of eStrategy3’s contact center consultant strategy, a company can achieve several benefits:

  • Reveal the strengths and weaknesses of significant operations, technologies and activities.
  • Generate understanding of business threats and competitive positioning. Better prepare the company as a whole to meet customer requirements.
  • Identify ways and opportunities to create new products and services while eliminating unnecessary processes.